Thursday, August 19, 2010

Clackamas County Fair

The Clackamas County Fair is on now until Sunday, Aug. 22 and it’s a wonderful opportunity to experience rural, small town Oregon within a short drive from Portland. As urban encroachments make traditional, rural lifestyle a disappearing part of the Portland area landscape, it’s great to see events like this fair thriving. If you can make it out to Canby this weekend, here are my favorite top five things to do:

5) Watch teenagers pamper pigs. Well, not just pigs, but sheep, llamas, cows, goats and roosters are looking sharp and smelling great in the livestock barns and show rings.

4) Take a ride. The carnival grounds are full of tummy-turning rides and others not nearly as scary as the looks on these kids’ faces would suggest.

3) Admire the talents of your artsy-craftsy neighbors. The main pavilion is stuffed with quilts, paintings, photos, knitting projects, canned beans, and doilies.

2) Tap your toes. The fair offers a wide variety of music from fiddlers to Sinatra crooners, all included in the price of admission.


1) Eat some pie. You might think of corn dogs and curly fries as the quintessential fair food, but check out the dozen or so pie selections offered by the Canby Methodist Church ladies. YUM!

Oh, and there is a rodeo every evening as well!

Have fun!

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